Couldn’t make it to Miami? Don’t worry: you have social media

Couldn’t make it to Miami this year?  Neither could I, nor could a number of artists.  My art collective, @Platea, and I organized a video called “Sorry I Couldn’t Be There”, in which we invited artists around the world to send in a video explaining why they couldn’t come to Miami.  It’s a simple concept, but we wanted to put a face to artists around the world who aren’t necessarily able to fly to art fairs in the major art centers.  It premiered yesterday at SEVENMiami with Winkleman Gallery as part of Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida’s #rank, and now it’s available online:

There’s a lot going on in Miami, and these are the folks I’m following for live updates.  What’s truly refreshing about social media, which can take the form of tweets, photos, video and (to a certain degree) blogs, is that as the technology evolves, so does our ability to participate even when we’re geographically far away.  There’s a different experiential quality to getting live updates, as opposed to reports a few days later, and I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of this each year.

It’s an evolving list, so check back, as I’m likely to make additions and revisions.  Live updates and blogs are the best way to get a sense of what’s happening right now in Miami, well before mainstream media has a chance to give their reports.

The Live Tweeters
There are a number of great folks tweeting down in Miami right now.  These are the ones whose tweets I’ve noticed and enjoyed the most so far:

Liv Tait – @aodt
Kianga Ellis – @kiangaellis
Rebecca Taylor – @rebeccataylorla
Joanie San Chirico – @joaniestudio
Hrag Vartanian – @hragv
Carolina Miranda – @cmonstah

The Bloggers
There’s obviously a lot of blog activity right now too.   I’m focused on Hrag Vartanian’s reports at Hyperallergic.  They’re updated daily and, most importantly, they have plenty of photos.

And then there’s Alan Lupiani, who blogs at and produces a fun YouTube show.  He’s assembled an impressive team of “art insiders” for his art road show (which I helped fund on Kickstarter), and he’s just posted his first video. I’m looking forward to the series: his style is fresh, charming and honest, and the videos are focused on Miami’s local art community.

And then of course there’s the livestream for #rank, up on Ustream below:

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