Njaanuary, aka Jan-worry, the loooongest month of the year

What’s this squirrel complaining about?  Doesn’t it know there’s no month at all with 65 days?

Well, it feels like January has dragged on forever.  Maybe you spent too much over the holidays, and you’re waiting for checks to clear this month.  Maybe the reality of 2013 is finally hitting.  But in a month of 31 days, it certainly feels like the 65th is just dragging.  On and on and on.

That’s the idea behind this cute meme, as explained to me by creative technologist extraordinaire, Mark Kaigwa.  In Kenya, this month is called Jan-Worry, or Njaanuary, from njaa, a Swahili word meaning "hunger".  After all the revelations

Two small takeways from this image:

  • Cute animals are a perfect vehicle for  expression online.  There’s no way around it.  Mark tells me this squirrel isn’t even native to Kenya, but somehow it’s resonated.
  • The January blues cross many continents.  It’s well known as a difficult month, and, yes, it just keeps dragging on.  Feb 1st can’t come soon enough, whether you’re in Kenya, the UK, or elsewhere.

Which gets me thinking a lot about how animals and internet humor can serve as a cultural bridge, an entry point into talking about different world cultures and issues.  But I’ll save that for another day.

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