Ever wonder what’s going on behind internet memes, especially the ones being used to talk about social and political issues?  Remember that amazing marriage equality meme that popped up with all the remixes of the marriage equality logo?

In the spirit of #AskACurator Day, The Civic Beat is hosting #AskAMemeMaker Day next week.  Just get online in the morning or afternoon EST and follow @TheCivicBeat to get the questions rolling.  We’ll be interviewing:

Laura Isaac (10a-12p EST) see the time in your time zone

Phil Good (5-7p EST) see the time in your time zone

And what’s The Civic Beat?  It’s a new online initiative I’m a part of–we’re hoping to tell the world’s stories through internet culture. I’ll be talking it up at TEDGlobal this coming week, and in the mean time you can visit our beta site, follow us on Twitter, and join our Tumblr jam page.  I’ll be tweeting from the conference from @thecivicbeat, and in the mean time, our amazing team–Jason Li, lida Shao and Ben Valentine–and group of writers will be moving the site forward with some very cool initiatives and articles in the coming months.

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